Transformer Components


.:Transformer Components:.


LV terminals: normal arrangement top, rear Special version: Bottom available on request at extra charge.

HV Terminals: Variable arrangements, for optimal station design HV tapping links on low voltage side for adjustment to system conditions, reconnect able in de-energized state.

Cross-flow fans: permitting a 50% increase in the rated power.

Temperature monitoring: By PTC thermistor detectors in the LV winding.

Pain finish on steel part: Multiple coating RAL 5009. On request Two component varnish or hot-dip galvanizing (for particularly aggressive environments).

Ambient class E2: Climatic category C2 (if the transformer is installed outdoors, degree of protection IP 23 must be assured).

Three leg core: made of grain-oriented low-loss electro lamination insulated on both sides.

Resilient spacers: To insulate core and windings from mechanical vibrations. Resulting in low noise emissions.

HV winding: consisting of vacuum potted single foil type aluminum coils.

LV winding: Made of aluminum strip turns firmly glued together by means of insulating sheet wrapper material.

Insulation mixture of epoxy resin and quartz powder:

Makes the transformer maintenance free , moisture-proof,  tropicalized, flame-resistant and self-extinguishing.

Clamping frame and truck: Rollers can be swung around for lengthways of sideways travel.

.:Transformer Components:.

The next symbols list some of the symbols used to refer to the transformers

The next part out side the transformer casing, like:

The Buchholz relay:


.:Transformer Components:.

The conservator tank:


and also you can take a look on the transformers protection example:

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